Trump forces align with John McCann

Last night’s event for John McCann, headlined by Dr. Sebastian Gorka was hugely successful with hundreds of attendees—including veterans, young Republicans and patriots from all over NJ-5:

But rather than deal in facts, Never Trumpers Lose-again, Lie-again Lonegan and disgraced former Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin have teamed up to try and undo the Republican party again.

Yudin is single-handedly responsible for NJ-5’s last greatest Republican loss. Rumored to be a Gottheimer supporter, it was Yudin who colluded with the Bergen Record to confirm a damaging story against our former Republican Congressman which greatly contributed to the loss of our district to the Democrats.

As a consequence, Never Trumper Yudin suffered an embarrassing 3 to 1 loss in trying to retain his chairmanship when he ran what many considered an anti Italian campaign. Shockingly, Yudin exposed himself when he publicly announced his support of Hillary Clinton for President—in a Bergen Record op-ed article.

Bob Yudin denounced President Trump with words such as:

“What America under Trump is going through now has similarities to Germany in the 1930’s.”

Do Yudin and Lonegan realize that President Trump has children and grandchildren who are Jewish? Was he sleeping when President Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

Now with a desperate attempt to keep the district in the Democrat’s column, Yudin is slandering my good name by defaming Dr. Sebastian Gorka—whose own father was tortured under Nazism and Communism. That is about as shameful as you can get. Yudin stated:

“This man seems to have sympathy toward fascists and Nazis, and this act of accepting support from him disqualifies John McCann in all ways and manners from being my congressman.”

Now Yudin is campaigning for fellow Never Trumper Lose Again Lie Again, Lonegan. If Lonegan has any respect for the great people in NJ-5, he should denounce Hillary-loving Yudin and his shameful behavior.

While Never Trumpers join forces against our campaign, we are proud of the wide array of support we have received from influencers on the Trump 2020 Advisory Board as well as former White House advisors.

John McCann added:

“Bob Yudin and Steve Lonegan: YOU are not the Republican party. Like Hillary Clinton with her “deplorables,” you have slandered proud Trump supporters as “castoffs.” I am a Republican and unlike Yudin, I am proud of my country and the accomplishments of this President. Because of President Trump, our party is now filled with Independents, first time voters and Republicans who love God and country and who want nothing more than to Make America Great Again!”

Watch Dr. Sebastian Gorka debunk racist slurs against his family:

Donald Trump on Losin’ Lonegan: